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What is Communities First?

Communities First is the Welsh Assembly Government’s flagship programme to improve the living conditions and prospects for people “in the most disadvantaged communities across Wales. The programme was launched in 2001 and was conceived as a long term strategy to address the deep rooted social and economic problems of those communities.

The Communities First programme is targeted at the most disadvantaged communities only and comprise of the 100 most deprived wards in Wales (as identified in the Welsh Index of Multiple Depravation 2000) 32 smaller areas (“pockets of depravation”) and 10 sectoral initiatives (“imaginative proposals”). Every county and county borough in Wales has at least one Communities First area, Carmarthenshire has several.

The areas included in the Communities First programme have experienced social and economic disadvantage over many years – in many cases for generations. Each area has its own particular problems and the circumstances have left negative imprints, visible and invisible, on the communities and the residents of those communities.

Communities First Aims

In practical terms, the programme aims to achieve the following in Communities First areas:

  • To build the confidence and raise self esteem of people living in the community
  • To increase the incomes of local people(including reducing costs of food, heat , credit etc)
  • To raise awareness of debt and the ways that it can be avoided (In conjunction with the financial experts at TBCS and partly sponsored by the Fire Safety experts at DRT.)
  • To improve health and wellbeing
  • To encourage and improve education and skills training for work
  • To create jobs
  • To make communities safe, secure and crime free
  • To ensure public services are delivered in ways which are more responsive and locally accountable
  • To improve housing and the quality of the environment
  • To encourage active citizenship

These objectives are the guiding principles for activities undertaken within the Communities First Programme and are fundamental to the over-arching goal of building strong and sustainable communities.

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